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About Us

American Association of Indigenous Clinical Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (AAICPSP) is an indigenous credentialing organization with emphasis on cultural connotation for the Western region for pastoral care and pastoral Psychotherapy programs. Pastoral caregivers and therapists are hence called to increase their pastoral competency by equipping themselves with the knowledge of other cultures (to include the many cultures and sub-cultures) in order to become and remain effective. 

Our Mission

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To provide pastoral supervision and oversight of enhanced care for clinicians and caregivers of the sick (both physically and mentally), hurt and dying.

  • We organize and supervise individuals and groups of these clinicians and caregivers who provide care at churches, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice organizations and more through meetings, presentations, and training. 
  • We focus on the importance of mental health and spiritual care ......(Read More)

Our History

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In November 1999, six Korean Chaplains traveled to St. John Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York;   one of the health care facilities of the Episcopal Health Services (EHS). They were to be trained under Rev. Dr. Richard Liew, who was the Director for the Pastoral Care Department, in Clinical Pastoral Education(CPE). This was the forerunner for indigenous Clinical Pastoral Education. The Indigenous CPE program provides clinical training in pastoral care within a specific cultural context.  The program was developed by Rev. Dr. Liew with the  ...... (Read More)

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